An Artichoke, a Pumpkin Flower, some Sage Leaves = Lunch

2014-02-04 12.10.06

I cleaned up the garden and brought in one small artichoke, one pumpkin flower and some sage leaves. I did not know what to do with my meager harvest so I decided to deep fry

every thing.  I added some fast home made bread, (pane veloce) put out the last of the carrot top pesto and ricotta cheese. Poured a bit of red and had a great meal.

Flour and Water Batter

1 cup plain white flour

Pinch of salt


Mix flour and salt add water a little at a time while whisking until you have a thick creamy consistency. Set aside 

Frying the Veg 

If you have a very young fresh artichoke, boil it in water for about 20 min or until tender but not falling apart. Set aside on kitchen paper, allow the retained water to drain and cut in half or, if it is a large artichoke, quarter and remove the choke.

Heat about 6 cm of vegetable oil in a pan, when the oil is hot,  dip the vegetables in the batter and slip them in to the pan. Do not overcrowd.. When crisp remove the veg, drain on kitchen paper and put in a new batch. Serve immediately, if you wait the batter loses its crispness.   

One thought on “An Artichoke, a Pumpkin Flower, some Sage Leaves = Lunch

  1. I recon you could deep fry just about anything and render it desirable :). I might just have to eat some of my emerging pumpkin flowers…too much nitrogen has delivered a leafy punch to my veggie garden making it look incredibly fecund but not a lot of fruiting production going on :(. Oh well… back to the drawing board! 🙂

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