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I consider both my housing systems for quails as very adequate, providing for the needs of the birds first and foremost. Even though I manufacture and sell both systems – i.e. Production Cages (“Batteries”) and Free Range Housing (Movable outside units), the birds are much happier and more calm and content in the inside cages than outside, irrespective of the fact that stocking densities are 14 Quails per 3 Meters Square outside and 7 Quails per 0.25 Meters Square (500 mm X 500 mm) inside. I provide fresh food and water ad lib as well as clean sand baths at all times in both systems. Both systems house Males and Females together. My housing design has been influenced by years of experience and very close observations and understanding of the Quails, as I have run commercial units in both systems for a long time. My observations are backed by the quail behavior and performance as they have higher production, lower mortality and better feed conversion in the inside cages compared to outside. Knowing Quails very well I can also confirm that they are much quieter, calmer and more content inside. This may be as result of a number of factors like fixed light intensity and duration, other controlled environmental factors such as no drafts, wet conditions and extreme temperatures inside as well as the absence of visible threads like large flying birds and other predators. Quails do not enjoy running around in search of shelter and food, so relative confined ares are more suitable for them.

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  1. Wow very interesting article. You’d think it was the other way around. I also “free range” my quails in a run similar to yours. Recently I have made them an even more “free range” cage which includes lots of large plants (ie kale) for them to hide and play under. You’re are right re egg production it is not as high but I feel they are happier in their new run. They seem to sing more. Either way I feel better having them free ranging. Mx

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