Seen at the Sunday Stadium Market – Dunedin (Every Sunday)

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Kimberley Burton from Goodlife Gardens at the Stadium Markets selling plants for the garden and veggie patch

I had a good day at the markets, sold out of quail eggs fairly early  and also sold some quail breeding groups. As usual the stall holders had a chat and I received some information, and permission to blog, about some of them. I am blogging about the markets to bring the Stadium Market on Sunday to the attention of Dunedinites who need the diversity of this market, and the Sunday Market needs their support . There is a bit of everything available on Sundays and the atmosphere is totally different from other markets around. There are lots of good stalls as well as  great food, so it is possible to get a snack or more while observing the wares. Undercover stalls (all weather) and ample parking makes this a pleasurable Sunday excursion. Please note that I have no official connection to the market management, and am a mere stallholder supporting something worthwhile.

Growing food in the back yard or open urban spaces is something I feel strongly about. Creating awareness of the possibilities of having sustainable back yards is also a passion of Kimberley from Goodlife Gardens.  She is tertiary qualified ( Horticulture, Permaculture, Organics, and Sustainable Living at Otago Polytechnic) and says: ‘   Whilst I currently stock a lot of flowering annuals and perennials, the plan is to have for sale a variety of healthy seasonal fruit and vege plants grown in local climate and cared for as if they were to feed my own family.  Container planting and companion planting is something I am passionate about – it opens up opportunities for people to grow for themselves in areas not conducive to in-ground gardening (such as student flats and apartments) ‘. The stall is well stocked and neatly set up, and  a pleasure to browse through.

Another local, Evansdale Cheese has a regular stall at the Stadium Markets. The factory is located just outside Dunedin at Hawksbury, and their hand crafted cheeses are well known in Dunedin. I brought a bit blue cheese home, had some for lunch and it was delicious! Have a look at Evansdale Cheese and come over next Sunday to sample some of the best cheeses around.

An interesting stall that was worth visiting, but not local, who was just passing through, was Quality KnivesThey stock the Swiss Victorinox range. I spent some time slavering over the big carving knives. I coveted the boning knife as well but since I own too many knives, purchased at such occasions, I managed to practice restraint for once.

There are many more stalls to go, looking forward to next Sunday!

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  1. Kudos on the restraint but you can NEVER have enough knives 😉 (I was a cook in a past life 😉 ). We all need to support our local farmers markets. We don’t have any out here where I live in the sticks but whenever I get into the city on a weekend I go hunting for them. Small local producers producing quality crafts and foodstuffs need our support and that injection back into the economy that tends to stay local. Cheers for sharing 🙂

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