Blueberry Picking Bliss

Photo 26-01-14 11 22 17 AM

We chose the perfect Dunedin day for blueberry picking.  Warm, sunny , light breeze, AND we had the orchard to ourselves! To pick the fattest, blackest berry one has to focus, there is no time to worry about anything else. The only rule for the little ones is ‘do not eat from the bucket before we have paid’ . We did suggest that the owners weigh the one year old  before and after to calculate how much he ate, knowing that he would park himself under a bush and stuff berries into his mouth as fast as he can. 

The address is: 133/B Martin Road, Fairfield. Price  $12 per kilo (bring your own bucket, hat, sunscreen and sturdy shoes).  Open Sat 1pm – 5pm and Sun 9am to 5pm or call 0272486166 to arrange other times during the week.

The entrance to the farm is from a suburban street, with a driveway entrance that looks like any  other driveway in the neighbourhood. One passes a  house in progress, past a lovely pond and garden to where the blueberry bushes are.