Papardelle al Ragǔ d’Quaglia (Quail Sauce Pasta)

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This Quail Sauce works with any pasta, but I prefer to team it with broad home made Pappardelle Pasta (Recipe for Pappardelle on a later occasion).

Quail Sauce 

8 Quails butterflied

6 Tablespoon Olive Oil

30 g Butter

4 Cloves Garlic finely sliced

2 Medium Onions sliced

1 Red Sweet Pepper/ Pepperoni seeds removed and sliced in strips

2 Small Carrots diced

Half a fresh Chilli finely sliced

4 Cups Quail or Chicken Stock

1 Fresh Tomato chopped



2 Glasses Good Red Wine (One for the Chef and one for the dish) 

Home made Papardelle (Enough for four people – about 300g of flour and 3 eggs)

Put the olive oil, butter, garlic and onion in  a large casserole pot and saute over medium heat until soft. Turn up the heat, ad the Quails and brown on all sides. Ad the wine (one glass only) and let it simmer until the wine has evaporated. Turn down the heat, ad the carrots, pepperoni and chilli and baste, adding stock to keep it moist in the partially covered the pot. Adjust for Salt and Pepper. When the meat is soft and comes away from the bones, which may take up to an hour, remove the quails from the pot and remove the flesh from the bones. If the sauce in the pot is too runny reduce it over medium heat until the right consistency – if too dry ad some stock. Add the deboned Quail back to the sauce and heat through well. In the mean time cook the Papardelle and just before ready ad the chopped tomato to the sauce and stir through well.  Now drain and ad the Pappardelle to the sauce pot, stir and heat through – serve immediately.