Seen and Heard at Stadium Markets (Every Sunday)

The markets were successful where the quail eggs were concerned, as I sold out fairly early.  The market for quails as pets with benefits (an egg a day from the hens) is growing and next week I shall have a small quail pet house, big enough for 4 females and one male complete with quails, sand bath, feeder and drinker for sale. The house can be moved from place to place and since the quails are effective pest destroyers (they love worms, grubs, slugs etc) you can keep your lawn or vegetable patch in a healthy condition without using pesticides by letting the Quails “free range” from time to time.

Of the fruit stalls the plums were really eye catching, I did not buy this week because I harvested apples and pears from my own trees this week, but last week’s greengage purchase was a big hit with the kids. The vendor says he will have quinces soon, perhaps by next week.  I am getting my recipes out – quince crumble is high on the agenda!

Food seems to always do well at the markets and the guy who sells pineapple burgers sold out of product before closing time, so he is worth investigating.

Lapis Lazuli

AZURLIS Skin Care : Cruelty free, 100 % natural, 100% vegan DUNEDIN MADE

Being an elderly guy, I am not that much into skin care, but organic stuff always interests me. I went over and had a chat with the  founder and director who was in the stall, and was very impressed with her philosophy regarding the product. The Azurlis® founder Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley is a Dunedin based molecular medical microbiologist. Raised in Portugal she studied at the University of Cape Town completing a PhD in molecular medical microbiology.  To quote from the website : ‘We are mindful of what we use on our skin, as this is the largest organ of our body and a major contact surface with the environment. Thus, by encouraging environmentally friendly awareness and practices, we are contributing to the sustainability of our unique planet and our own wellbeing. We believe that this is best achieved through adherence to organic certification of food, farming and personal care products.”  Another Dunedin business worthy of support! (I got a free sample and expect to be quite lovely in a few days time ;-)).

Their contact details are in http:/, tel. 021 250 1457

Once again I had very little time to wander around but there are many more interesting things to talk about next week .

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    • We do not know many great people in Dunedin – have not been here long enough – a dinner with like minded bloggers would be great. My struggle with the cardoon continues – I have one more plant left to harvest. Do you have any good recipes ?

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