Bad Weather in the Vegetable Patch


2014-04-22 11.49.20

I wish I had taken a “before ” photograph to prove that my (still green) tomatoes were looking great, and my zucchini were producing bountifully and ……We had massive winds and heavy rain this week and unfortunately our lovely sunny aspect also means that there is very little wind protection for my garden.  Dunedin weather strikes the uninitiated gardener again! I have uprooted all the broken and drowned plants and will start anew next week.  The things that did survive were the artichokes and the cardoons, even though the cardoon in the picture looks very sorry for itself, along with some lettuce, rhubarb and cavalo nero.

No damage to the chicken houses fortunately.

8 thoughts on “Bad Weather in the Vegetable Patch

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  2. We had a very windy night and now we are getting a fair bit of rain but no plant damage (aside from a dead tree limb dangling like the sword of Damocles over a pathway in the garden) as of yet. Good to hear that your cardoons and artichokes survived. I still have 1 artichoke (that I protected with 3 tyres from the native animals and our chooks that peck the base out) and am going to plant more in tyres this season. You live and you learn 🙂 Can’t protect much against the forces of nature though.

    • Severe weather extremes here in Dunedin. Recorded record rainfalls over the past month, compared with excessively strong winds and lower than normal temperatures – still raining and the garden is a mud pool!

      • It got very cold very quick here as well and I have the chillblains to prove it! Lots of rain but not as much as you guys and we had a severe windy day last Saturday with lots of trees falling down but our trees are used to strong winds here. We live on a steep sloping block that culminates in the Tamar River so we don’t tend to have too much of a mud problem around the house (halfway down the block). At least we are both getting rain, always a bonus 🙂

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