Dragon Food

2014-05-16 - Dragon Food 1

The garden is still producing, irrespective of what the Dunedin Weatherman throws at it and the severe bashing at the end of April. I harvested Zucchini, Radish, Chicoria, Tomatoes, Broccolini and one lonely Carciofo – enough for the family for another day. Please note the Dragon that, according to it’s 20 month old Master, is “Going to eat Nonno”.  If that happens, I do not know who willl  attend to the animals and garden.

7 thoughts on “Dragon Food

      • Thank you for clarifying that 🙂 I learned a lot from Italian veggie growers when I lived in Albany Western Australia. There are a lot of expat Italians living in W.A. as it closely resembles Italy in climate and they were always willing to share gardening hints and tips. I learned about the value of horse manure. Once elderly Italian man told me that the secret to his entire garden was copious quantities of horse manure…a “secret” that I have adhered to ever since 🙂

  1. Nonno beware! My small tribe of dinosaurs are currently eating eucalyptus leaves as pilfered by their 5 year old master so I guess I’m safe for the moment. The carnivores are missing in action though so maybe not. Seems the triceratops tribe is menacing the Isle of Sodor though. 😉
    Love the garden produce too. 😉

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