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      • BBBrrrrr! We have our wood stove going and it is a little too warm here at the moment for it but we use it for cooking over the autumn/winter period and heating our water so it has to be on. I guess you guys get a lot colder than we do here as it is 9C here this morning

        • Would love a wood stove. How much wood (cubic meters) does it use to keep it going all the time? We pay quite a lot for wood, and will have to do the somes very carefully. Do you keep yours going all day and night long?

          • Ours is very economical as it has 4 ovens on either side of the firebox keeping the heat inside the firebox for longer. We can shut it down at 9pm and it is still going in the morning for us to open it up and put on some wood. We can keep it ticking over all day on a log or two until we need to crank it up a notch to cook dinner. It took us a year to learn how to use it and another one to learn how to use it economically and well but we wouldn’t be without Brunhilda (my oven 😉 ) now 🙂

            • When my dad died we inherited Serendipity Farm from him (and a property in the city where my adult children live) and a small sum of money that we used to do a little bit of renovation (much needed…there wasn’t an oven here!) and at the time I said to Stevie-boy that I really wanted a wood fired oven and we weighed it up and worked out that wood was the way to go for us (living out in the country) and it has a hot water jacket so we produce all of our own heat, hot water, drying power, cooking power and just that ambiance that a wood stove brings to a house. I felt initially VERY guilty about the price (ended up being more like $12 000 with the large stainless steel hot water tank and labour to install the beast 😉 ) but I have never regretted that purchase as every time the cold weather rocks up I am warm, cosy and able to cook anything that I want, any time that I want. A perfect solution for us 🙂 Did I mention that I have 4 ovens? 😉

            • You are very fortunate and I suppose Dad comes to mind everytime you pass by the stove – very beautiful. I would love such a stove in my house here in New Zealand, but as we live here for only about eight months of the year, we did not buy the largest place and I think should I buy such a stove, I shall have to move out as there will be no space in the kitchen for us both. it is a wonderful investment if you get all the heat, water, cooking etc from one piece of equipment. How do you control the temperature of four individual ovens, or are they all at the same temperature? I think the good wife would not allow it in any way, because if I have four ovens and a stove running all the time, just imagine how much cooking, baking, preserving (and eating) shall I do! Do you have your living area / kitchen in the same room as the stove, as this MUST be the center of your home.

            • We have this big stove in our kitchen/living area and we don’t have another oven. We use an outdoor barbecue in summer as our oven :). We have a small gas stovetop to use in summer but that is all, Brunhilda (the big wood stove) is my pride and joy. The ovens are not all the same temperature. You learn to work out how much wood to put on the fire for what kind of temperature range you want to get. The oven on the right is the hottest oven, great for bread and making the tops of things go brown and roasting etc. The oven on the left is somewhat cooler and allows me to maintain a good temperature for more delicate things like cakes and biscuits and the slower ovens underneath are for keeping things warm, dehydrating, proofing bread and drying out herbs etc. I love my stove :).

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