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2014-11-23 - Butterfly

On a cold rainy Saturday morning we took the kids to the museum (www.otagomuseum.govt.nz).  The ‘hands on ‘ science experience’ section for kids caters for all ages and the butterflies in the tropical forest exhibit are a joy.  The tropical heat was a treat, but I could not un-layer enough and was perspiring towards the end of our visit.  We were in time to see a release of a batch of  ‘new’ butterflies and the kids had butterflies perched on their hands and shoulders, and one of them had to be reminded that breathing would not dislodge the persistent butterfly on his arm.

But the most marvelous thing about the museum visit was the ‘science show’, presented by an enthusiastic young  paleontologist. This is the type of scientist we need  – the non retiring kind – a showman who can make science exciting and fun. His audience ranged from 4 (my grandson) to ancient (me) and everyone was kept on the edge of their seats throughout the show. There was smoking liquid nitrogen, water cold enough to be from the Antarctic, fossils passed around, flaming helium and exploding balloons. Wonderful stuff and the scientist kept everyone in suspense and never disappointed with the outcome of the experiment.

Congratulations to the museum for the contribution I am sure it is creating an early interest in science, especially here, in lovely Dunedin!

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  1. Glad to hear you didn’t unlayer to the max and get arrested. Nothing like being evicted and blacklisted from a museum for public nudity to embarrass the grand kids to the max ;). People who are passionate about the world around us and the processes that make it tick are amazing and most important to the child in all of us. Glad you all had a fantastic time 🙂

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