Living in Lovely Dunedin: GRADUATES EVERYWHERE

2014-12-18 - Dunedin Parade


The picture is not my own see (next year I will have my camera ready!)

I am totally bowled over by this small university city!  On Saturday morning we drove through the central business district (for starters, where else is that possible!), and got caught up in a traffic jam. The main street was closed and as the litany of complaints rose from troops in the back seat( ‘I will never see my mommy again’ was just one) we heard the pipers coming up the road.  A group of pipers fully kitted out in splendid kilts and all led what must have been all the graduates of Dunedin University of this year, plus the staff. Billowing robes and sashes, flags, beaming students and proud parents running hither and thither with their cameras filed past.  It felt as if the entire town, including us, was out celebrating with the successful students. What a blast! Where else but in Dunedin!

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