2014-12-17 - Four Eggs 2 2014-12-17 - Four Eggs


Fried eggs for breakfast. The unique thing was not the bit of chili and butter in the pan but that the eggs were from top to bottom: bought brown hens egg , pure white egg, laid by my Ancona hen, egg laid by my guinea fowl hen and a pretty speckled egg laid by my quail hen.  In the pan the pale yellow is the bought egg and the middle egg beside it is the guinea fowl egg. The latter took a bit longer to cook than the others. Very tasty treat. Yolk color is more often than not an indication of quality of the feed consumed and the general well being of the bird.


  1. You can tell a healthy hen by the colour of the yolk in the egg she laid. I’d say the brown bough egg hen needs a little more sunlight and grass. 😉

    BTW, you have me thinking long and hard about quails. 🙂

  2. How loud are your guinea fowl? We had some offered to us but we were a bit concerned about the level of noise that they make. We had heard that they are great at killing snakes and thought that they might be a good addition to Serendipity Farm.

    • Guinea fowl are a bit load, especially when disturbed, and it does not take much either, but they are great characters and so funny. Mine are very good egg layer. I always say not as load as the traffic, dogs, children or the cats cajoling at night.

      • We have plovers here (native birds) that will squawk at the drop of a hat. They are very loud so maybe our neighbour Frank would think we had started farming plovers and wouldn’t complain too loudly? 😉

          • Yes they do, and they have poisonous spurs that they attack you with but when I lived in Western Australia we didn’t have many plovers because apparently we West Aussies tried eating them and they are delicious so they disappeared on West Aussie shorelines ;). The Tasmanian’s have mutton birds (ech) so they leave the plovers be.

            • I have lived in many parts of the world having plovers and in some cases third world countries where the people are always hungry and eat everything, but have never heard or seen any eating plovers. Mutton birds, I think you can find in the deli shops in Dunedin. Apparently the Maori are the only ones allowing to hunt and sell them as they have a concession to do so. They do not look nice and I have not tried, but being somebody who tries everything, I shall one day buy and cook one.

            • They smell fishy. (Mutton birds) and I saw the bit about plovers being eaten into extinction in Western Australia in a museum over there. I think Tasmanian’s are allowed a bag limit of muttonbirds but as far as I am concerned they can keep them!

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