4 thoughts on “The bird that flipped the world: Secret histories of the modern chicken

  1. I swear my chickens flip the bird at me constantly. The rooster (The Big Yin) is always roaring at me and warning his girls “here comes the egg thief stop telling her where the eggs are!” and the hens spend their days eyeing me off suspiciously and racing off nefariously to dig up our garden. I don’t doubt that they took over the world. My lot are feathered ninjas! 😉

    • I do not know why my lot all of a sudden decided to lay away. I am still to find the nest, unless they have all stopped laying overnight, which I doubt. I have a rooster like that too, whenever I exit from the back door, he starts talking, even if he is 50 meters away, and I suspect he is not uttering many kind words

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