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Just to prove that Dunedin for all its cold and rain has green fingered gardeners that produce fabulous flowers! Fresh flowers are a luxury on grey, dark days and Mrs BYF tends to take her flowers with her as she moves between the kitchen, living room and bedroom to lift her mood. The unusual,  vibrant sweet peas are burgundy and indigo and the perfume is every bit as intense as the colors. Thank you!


  1. Nothing more gorgeous than the smell of sweet peas. I am going to have to grow some next year. I have the delicious smell of honeysuckle blowing in through the open back door at the moment. Its amazing how a lovely floral scent can lift your mood 🙂

      • I am only just starting to plant out annual flowers for the bees…not for flowers but for bee happiness mind you ;). I am most happy when something has a lovely flower AND is edible like globe artichokes, what amazing plants! 🙂

          • We must have pretty similar soil conditions. Tasmania has the most massive clay and where we live we have silty top soil. Once you build the soil up it is magnificent but you have to get a LOT of worms helping you to break through that 2ft yellow clay before the soil has a chance of being anything but weak. Lots of organic matter needed.

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