Living in Lovely Dunedin: Mount Cargill

2014-12-12 - Valley 1 2014-12-12 - Valley 2 2014-12-12 - Valley 3 2014-12-12 - Valley 4 2014-12-12 - Valley 5 2014-12-12 - Valley 6

We drove up to the lookout on Mount Cargill (676 meters above sea level) and were rewarded with a great view of Dunedin with its backdrop of blue water and sky. Everywhere we go we find very old stone drywall constructions and this is just one beauty on the way up the mountain.   We intend exploring the walking track up past the organ pipes formed by cooled lava soon.

3 thoughts on “Living in Lovely Dunedin: Mount Cargill

  1. What a pretty place. One day I am going to visit New Zealand. My son went last year and said it was beautiful. Might be time to go hobbit hunting myself 😉

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