2016-03-08 - Back Yard Steps

Two years ago when I moved to this property in Dunedin, it had a tidy garden – clay soils covered in plastic sheeting and pebbles with the odd decorative plant sticking through. To the farmer this was unproductive and artificial and should the attached photograph of steps leading to the back garden where I keep all my animals and also have a healthy vegetable garden today, have been taken then, only a hazelnut and apple tree would have been edible plants in the photograph. Today I can harvest at least 20 edible plant species from the area covered by this photograph alone – Apples, Hazelnuts, Chamomile, Olives (two varieties), Parsley, Time (three varieties), Sage (two varieties), Oregano, Marjoram, Zucchini, Rhubarb, Sour Cherries (two varieties) Bay Leave, Black Current, Red Current, Raspberry, Strawberry, Rosemary, Basil (two varieties), Peas and Cape Gooseberries.