Housing for quails is fairly simple, but there are a few rules that would make there lives much more pleasant and productive

1. The housing must be 100 % dry AT ALL TIMES (100 % roof coverage with adequate overhang). Open on two sides with two solid walls protecting birds from prevailing wind and rain. The open sides need mesh of about 13 mm X 13 mm aperture as cats would put their claws through the holes if it is larger and kill the quail. As much sun as possible with shady spots if they want to get away from the sun. The cage roof must be a maximum of 500 mm high, otherwise the quails may injure themselves if frightened and take off hitting their heads on the roof

2. Quails need an area where they can hide from prevailing winds and drafts. Nooks and crannies and / or thick vegetation is required

3. Coturnix Quails are ground dwellers and would not roost and would very seldom use a second level upstairs – so all their food and water requirements need to be at ground level. They can be taught to go up, but it is not natural for them

4. Coturnix quail need a sand bath to keep them healthy, happy and clean – so if their cage is on the ground and DRY, it is all good as they would create their own sandpit

5. Clean water and feed of the correct type all the time (ad lib). They would eat greens and table scraps (love meat) and it can be fed to them all the time as long as it does not make up too much of the diet (maximum about 20%)

6. A floor area of at least 2 meter square per group of 4 – 5 females and 1 male for the ideal cage (meeting all the above specifications) or more if the cage is deficient

7. If you want the quails to lay eggs all year round, you need to provide light for 16 hours per day, alternatively they will molt when the days are getting shorter and stop laying until the next season.

4 thoughts on “QUAIL HOUSING

  1. Hi there.

    I was wanting some quail starter mash please. I have some hyline chicken eggs hatching on Wednesday and then putting quail eggs in the incubator. Could this feed also be given to the chicken.?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Michelle Bower

    • Michelle

      Thanks for the enquiry. Yes, the 28 % Protein Quail Starter Mash is good for both the quails and chickens. Just let me know how many Kg of the starter you want and whether you want delivery or not?

  2. Thanks for the bumf, Domeico. I’ll be building my quail quarters next week. PS. 3 of the chook eggs hatched today, 2 white eggs & one brown one. Hope to get a few more hatching tomorrow!

    Jonathan Kim

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