Amalgamating Breeds of Coturnix coturnix

I have amalgamated all my quail breeds for very good reasons. As a result of the very small gene pool in NZ and no importations aloud, all quails in NZ are inbred and related. I am in NZ for 6 years now and made great progress breeding four different breeds of Coturnix, but progress has flattened off as I have to have limited numbers and equally good genetic material is not available in NZ. My solution was to amalgamate all the breeds and only breed a Back Yard Special, resulting in 4 times as many birds to select from and one less selection parameter – colour. This allowed me to make some progress again. I am retired and do this as a hobby – my working background is in animal genetics

4 thoughts on “Amalgamating Breeds of Coturnix coturnix

  1. Hi
    I am wanting to purchase more quail. Can I buy some from you please?
    I live in oamaru and have two hens and one cock.

    • Thanks for the enquiry. Yes, I have Coturnix coturnix quails for sale. If you want to keep a breeding group, you need at least 4 – 5 hens for every male as the males are sexually very active and the girls suffer too much if they are less

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